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Bee Season

Bee Season

A gripping portrait of a family…Goldberg is a terrifically smart, acutely talented writer. - San Francisco Chronicle

A sad, lovely and generous novel. - The Washington Post Book World

A letter-perfect debut. - The Wall Street Journal

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Wickett's Remedy

Wickett’s Remedy

A warmhearted, unusual and intelligent consideration of a world about which few people know. - San Francisco Chronicle

[A] rich historical re-creation whose energy and ingenuity evoke memories of E.L. Doctorow's classic Ragtime. A fine novel very much in the American vein. - Kirkus Reviews

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Listen to the Bookworm interview, with Michael Silverblatt

Bee Season

Catching the Moon

Goldberg's…elegant text and Sheban's…enchanting illustrations in this tale of friendship between a Fisherwoman and the Man in the Moon are not to be missed…This elegant book is as captivating as moonlight shimmering on a quiet sea. Ages 4-8. - Publishers Weekly

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Time's Magpie

Time’s Magpie

It's nice to travel with a novelist: Goldberg's language is lush and evocative without sinking into dense or mannered descriptions....Her forays...make even those who have spent time in the city pine for a return ticket. - Pamela Paul, The New York Times Book Review

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