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Three short stories for your Kindle!


Myla doesn't do it often, but every now and again, she writes a short story. Her first published story hasn't been seen outside the print anthology it originally appeared in and two others haven't been seen beyond the pages of Harper's...until now.

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Bee Season

Catching the Moon

Now in paperback and in digital editions for Kindle and iPad! This story, beautifully illustrated by Chris Sheban, tells the tale of a Fisherwoman who starts fishing at night with something much different than fish in mind. A favorite among adults and children alike.

Here's what readers have to say:

This is one of my top five favorites for children. The words are poetry, and the story is filled along the way with implied lessons. Beautifully, beautifully written. - Jeanne B

I bought this book at a store for my little girl. We love it so much! She loves the screech "A worm?!" I read it to my daughter every night for bed. She loves the man in the moon. So I used that to help her deal with my deployment. I told her that any time she wanted to talk to Mommy, she could tell the man in the moon what she wanted to say, and he would tell me. She really liked that idea. Now, while I'm gone, I look up to the moon each night that he's in the sky and smile, talking to my little girl before I go to bed. - Deployed Mommy

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The False Friend

The False Friend

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The term mean girls is elevated to a new level in Goldberg's moody novel...this is a layered, understated novel about the complex, ambiguous nature of memory and its effect on the dynamics of relationships. Great fodder for reading groups.

- Library Journal, starred review

The False Friend is a riveting read, both compelling and richly satisfying.

— Richard Russo, author of Empire Falls

Not since Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye have we seen such a precise and haunting portrayal of girl bullying. With uncanny pitch and tenderness, Goldberg captures both the passion of female friendship and its most savage rite of passage. Both girls and adults will find solace in this gem of a novel.

- Rachel Simmons, Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls

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Wickett's Remedy

Wickett’s Remedy

A warmhearted, unusual and intelligent consideration of a world about which few people know. - San Francisco Chronicle

[A] rich historical re-creation whose energy and ingenuity evoke memories of E.L. Doctorow's classic Ragtime. A fine novel very much in the American vein. - Kirkus Reviews

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Bee Season

Bee Season

A gripping portrait of a family…Goldberg is a terrifically smart, acutely talented writer. - San Francisco Chronicle

A sad, lovely and generous novel. - The Washington Post Book World

A letter-perfect debut. - The Wall Street Journal

Buy the book or the audiobook read by the author.

Listen to the Bookworm interview, with Michael Silverblatt

Time's Magpie

Time’s Magpie

It's nice to travel with a novelist: Goldberg's language is lush and evocative without sinking into dense or mannered descriptions....Her forays...make even those who have spent time in the city pine for a return ticket. - Pamela Paul, The New York Times Book Review

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